Chuck Kitchen – Transformational Leader ➙ Visionary ➙ Employee Advocate ➙ Customer Centric ➙ Profit Enhancer & Trusted Advisor

Professional, intuitive, generous and people oriented are some of the words that come to mind when thinking of Ken.

I have had the great fortune to meet Ken and utilize his consulting expertise and LAUNCH® program and his ability to relate at any level is remarkable – his people skills coupled with his uncanny business attributes are what draw you to him.

He listens, challenges (in a VERY positive way) and helps you realize your potential.

I am honored to to recommend Ken, the person as well as the professional to anyone eager to better themselves and their organization. You will be glad you did.

Robert Wright – Business Relations at Graviz; CEO Robert Wright

“Ken Tasch is a Coach’s Coach, and a Consultants Consultant.

His business oversight, knowledge and insight is the product of forty years experience working with global category leaders and close followers…

As a person, Ken is a humanist, highly engaged, authentic, and easy to connect and communicate with.

I would describe Ken as a business surgeon who knows how to quickly and easily discover the issue, diagnose the problem, design the operation, and successfully deliver on time/ in-line with stated promises.

Highly recommended.”

Professor Abel Laureano – Counselor at Law / University Professor

“Ken Tasch has a rare ability to “see things through”, extraordinarily objective and with a sharp perception of facts and problems. He is a deeply experienced business manager, with insightful perspectives on his fields of expertise. With extraordinary human qualities, he additionally has a remarkable ability to deal with human relations. I particularly consider his constant and significant collaboration, in the context of a current common international project launched by me over one year ago, as remarkable.”

Robert Terson – Published Author | Sales Authority | Speaker

Ken Tasch is a remarkable individual–perhaps the best businessman I’ve ever known, and believe me, I’ve known some great ones. We’ve been working together for almost a year now; I’ve been advising Ken re–his newest venture in an illustrious business career spanning over four decades–and working closely with him on a book he’s writing. We’ve spent countless hours together and because of all that extensive time, I believe I’m in a unique position to tell you what a Special Man this is–a Man for All Seasons, as a husband, father, grandfather, and businessman extraordinaire.

Ken’s vast experience as an owner of multiple businesses and managing businesses for corporations gives him the specific concrete knowledge to help you in so many ways. As we’ve worked together on his book, I’ve become privy to stories that are so extraordinary, only a Pro’s Pro could have written them; a Pro who’s seen it all, done it all, and is uniquely qualified to help you succeed in mastering a business plan, like no one else I know. Call him; talk to him; hire him. It’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Ron Sturtz

My professional business relationship with Mr. Ken Tasch covers more than 20 years. Working for the same corporation, Ken developed strategic Marketing and Sales plans for our division calling on gas turbine engine OEM’s for both flight and ground power generation markets. His direction and leadership helped bring on new customers and diversified our product lines. Ken’s Operational and Leadership skills would be an asset to any company looking to grow and diversify their business.