LAUNCH® Advisory Services

I’m Ken Tasch the inventor of a Selling and Business Capture System: a simple and easy way to significantly increase the odds of winning new business.

I retired this year from over 40 years of starting my own businesses and managing businesses for corporations. My goal is to help others succeed and grow to be everything they want to be; to give back and share my life experience.


  • Through my LAUNCH® advisory services I want to help bring out the best in you and your business. We will find new ways to look at ordinary things to create extraordinary results.
  • I never planned on becoming a business consultant, but I’ve been convinced that my vast experience in all aspects of starting and running businesses should not go to waste. This is not a new career for me, it is a chance to work as I please with people who can use my advice.
  • I want to share what I’ve learned on my journey to business mastery. The value I can add to you and your business will go beyond what you thought possible. I guarantee an incredible ROI.
  • If you want to grow professionally or grow your business. If you need a new business model or a new role model, I can help. A former boss, after he retired a year ago, wrote in a letter he sent me: “Of all the business leaders I know, no one else has the energy, drive and commitment to winning business that you have. The combination of drive, analysis and LAUNCH® will underpin your future success for years to come!”
  • If you need new ideas or a new approach, or just someone with my experience to bounce your ideas off of, email me at or call 203-794-4414.