Thomas Herr

Ken is one of the most qualified and well-rounded hi-level business executives I’ve ever known.
Ken has a very broad skill set; he’s proficient in his understanding of the Engineering, Operations, and Financial aspects of a business — as well as a remarkable ability to inspirationally and strategically guide an organization towards growth, while leveraging his understanding of Sales, Marketing and Business Development.
I had the opportunity and pleasure to report to Ken for 13 years, and I have grown professionally as a direct result. His LAUNCH™ order capture system is brilliant, and is a key reason for my own professional growth! I recommend Ken, andLAUNCH™, to any organization looking for growth and positive change.

Sara Galullo

I worked with Ken for nearly 14 years when he joined Ultra Electronics, Measurement Systems Inc. as President and I reported to him as Human Resource Manager, and later as Director of HR.
Ken made a tremendous difference for MSI, and over the first several years the company was able to triple in size. We won back customers and gained new ones. We didn’t always agree, but he listened to my feedback. Together we made MSI a better place to work.
Ken is the most knowledgeable, well-versed individual I have ever worked with. His quick mind, and high energy level is unparalleled; he always strove to move the company forward!

Dan Vivone

Ken by nature is a high energy level individual channeled to listen, direct and focus on the task at hand. First impression would be to see him as a skilled sales and marketing leader intent on engaging customers, growing and nurturing a business.
However, as a leader running a business, Ken understands there is more – he gets it! He knows how to connect the dots … assessing the impact of a specific business situation or day to day operating activities on growing a business, maintaining a proper balance between marketing & sales, engineering ,operations and G&A, while always keeping in focus the bottom line profit.
Ken effectively utilized his LAUNCH™ program internally, through a company-wide training program, to provide employees with a communication process to drill down to the core substance and root causes of issues and develop a resolution plan.

Mark Lamoureaux

I was fortunate enough to have worked for Ken for nearly five years and in that time I learned from Ken what Leadership really means. Ken’s strong operational skills, financial acumen and strategic expertise enabled us to dramatically grow our electronic controls defense firm. His sales and marketing background supported by his strong technical abilities were a clear advantage to customers and to our business. And most important, Ken’s entertaining personality and wit made it fun to be part of his team. Any company utilizing Ken’s talents would have a tremendous advantage in their market.

Amish Mehta

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working under Ken’s Leadership and guidance for 8+ years. Unlike most entrepreneurs who tend to be only marketing or technically oriented, Ken is truly a generalist in its purest sense. He really understands that marketing leadership must be tempered with marketing discipline so you do not waste time working on wrong products or services. People who have worked with & for Ken know not to ask him to make something unless they can prove that it is saleable to a customer. His business management acumen has been sharpened from many years of both big & small-company experiences, coupled with his keen interest in continuous learning and improvement. He is unquestionably one of the most voracious readers I have ever met! His personal energy and drive is insane; if that could be bottled & sold, it would be a top-selling “product” for sure!
Ken’s focus on the customer is spot on and has said many, many times “If we take care of the customer, the rest will follow.” He developed a culture that understands that all operations are here to serve the customer. What I admire most about Ken is his compassion for and unwavering commitment to our employees and the brave men & women who serve our great country. For the past 8 years, I have seen Ken walk around the company every morning to say “Good Morning” to each and every employee. He knows each employee by name and takes the time (every morning) to stop and listen to concerns. His support for many charitable organizations that help our veterans is simply inspiring. On Veterans Day, Memorial Day and 4th July Holidays, Ken sends news releases of note commemorating the day and emphasizing the meaning & importance of the Day. Ken never let us forget why we do what we do in the company.
Ken is the creator of LAUNCH™(Listen, Ask, Understand, Need, Create, Holistic) – a business paradigm / mindset that focuses on listening first to understand the other person’s pain / needs before we offer a solution. In essence, unlike more traditional sales, one asks questions to better understand the other person as opposed to talking and talking about the product or service that you are trying to get the other person to buy. The LAUNCH mindset is applicable in both business and personal interactions; its inherent simplicity is indeed genius.
Bottom line, Ken is demanding, his standards are high, and he is a self-aware man of the highest integrity. Like the rest of us, he has his flaws and it’s these flaws that complete the man and make him real. On a personal note, Ken has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can put into words; I am undoubtedly a more effective manager, leader and a better person for having known him. I hope that I have the wisdom to learn from the many lessons that he has graciously given me.