The greater opportunity: A Holistic approach simply means that you always consider the customer’s entire business as the opportunity, not just the parts you’re now dealing with.

You’re always on the alert to expand the opportunity to the rest of the customer’s business—the business you don’t have yet. Take a good hard look at the entire picture; be determined to flesh out any other possible business opportunities, immediately or down the line. If you’re selling coffee cups today, you want to be thinking in terms of selling the whole plate setting tomorrow. If you’re selling to one division of a company today, you want to be thinking of selling to the rest of their divisions tomorrow. If you’re selling to an individual, you want to be thinking in terms of selling to her friends, relatives, and network. If you’re part of a large company or organization, think in terms of selling for the divisions you don’t directly work for; your colleagues will celebrate you. The objective is for you to describe the art of the possible and get the customer excited about these other possibilities. Let’s get everything on the table! Relate stories about prior relevant experiences with other customers. You want the customer saying, “I didn’t know you could do that!”

If you can, help the customer with anything she mentions that’s unrelated to you and your solution.  You’ll solidify your relationship with her beyond the level you could have accomplished just by selling her something.She’ll see you as a collaborator, an unselfish partner; she’ll start looking out for you as a friend, in ways you couldn’t have imagined before. And you know what else? You’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror and really like what you see! Everyone else will like what he or she sees, too!


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A Holistic outlook isn’t easy to maintain. Put up signs in your office, home, and car, with the one word “Holistic”! Always think in Holistic terms. 


Referring someone else from your own organization to follow-up with an additional opportunity is good for you, the customer, and your company, to say nothing of adding additional expertise to the equation.