From Ben Franklin to Tom Hopkins, billions of words have been penned about the art and science of selling and how to be more successful—simple to complex approaches. Learning how to capture business has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

The simple premise of my LAUNCH® advisory services is that we all have the ability to learn how to do anything, including how to sell. Some people are even born with the innate ability to sell but most of us have to learn how to do it. I teach an easy to use format that’ll have you selling with the best of them. Even if you’re a top Pro, my advice is going to make a huge difference for you. There are even some tenets of LAUNCH® that you’re more than likely already using.

I’ve been on thousands of sales calls over my 43-year career. I’ve studied and taught selling that entire time. I’ve started multiple businesses and ran three public corporations. I thought I was a pretty good salesperson but after I developed my methodology in 2011, I realized how much incredible improvement could be added to the sales process. Since then, my system has evolved and been field tested hundreds of times. This amazing process works so well, that on occasion I actually told customers what I was using as I was interacting with them. Astonishingly, it worked even better!

My advice and methodology will give you a relationship builder and an emotional connector to the customer. There’s a ton of advice out there about how to connect with your customers—and then there’s my way! Explore it through my LAUNCH® advisory services.

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