Random Stroll Down Entrepreneurial Boulevard

HiResIt was a long drive and I was wasn’t sure how to get there. I plugged the address into the GPS and wouldn’t you know it, the damn thing was about as useful as lox without a bagel and cream cheese. What’s up with that technology anyway? Then I realized it was an intersection I was looking for, not a specific address, Entrepreneurial Boulevard and Hard Knocks Avenue. Bingo! That got me there. Now I just needed to find a place to park. Conveniently there was a parking garage right there. Not so conveniently, it was the most expensive garage I had ever driven into. No choice though—I parked my car. Continue reading

LAUNCH™ in Action: The amazing process that WILL change your life!

My granddaughter Maya was at our house for a five-day visit—exhilarating for the grandparents. Maya is a precocious five-year-old who often acts/talks like a graduate student! On this particular visit she was suffering from an injured wrist—the little explorer had fallen off a fence at my son’s house. Seemed like it was just a sprain, so all we did was ice and monitor it.

Now, something you absolutely need to know about Maya: she is deathly afraid of doctors and anyone else who audaciously thinks he’s going to medically treat her body. So the thought of having to bring her to a doctor terrified me, too. Continue reading